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Protein for Longevity

December 10, 2021 4 min read

Protein for Longevity

There is no doubt that our body changes naturally with age. For example, the high risk of chronic diseases, loss of appetite and decreased metabolism are few factors that every person faces with increasing age. There is nothing you can do to stop aging, however, lifestyle changes play a vital role in impacting the rate at which these changes occur, so you can age with grace and vitality.

While carbohydrates and fats are your enemies in providing a healthy lifestyle, protein is the nutrient that acts as an anti-aging agent for your body.

It decreases the risk of conditions, such as osteoporosis. It controls blood sugar levels and aids in maintaining a healthy immune system. Protein not only helps in muscle growth and weight loss, but it is also popular for decreasing the anti-aging effects. 

With ever increasing advancement in health technology, nutrition and medicine, people are more aware and health conscious now. Now people know that it is necessary to have a high protein diet along with whey protein supplementation to achieve and maintain a lean body mass.

Let’s discuss some of the prominent benefits of a high protein diet and how it helps in maintaining your health, thus keeping you young and fit.

Protein for Healthy Nails, Hair and Skin

In our body almost every cell is made from the protein building blocks, for example, muscles, bones, skin and hair.

Protein comprises of amino acids, including L-proline and L-lysine, which help to produce collagen. Collagen provides structure and strength to the skin but it breaks down with age. This results in pronounced wrinkles, dehydrated and saggy skin. 

When you have sufficient protein in your diet then this manages your collagen levels, making your skin less prone to wrinkles and firmer.

In the same way, lack of protein can lead to hair loss and extremely thin nails. There are several amino acids that come from quality protein sources and your body does not produce them naturally. Protein shakes, such as Centenarius Protein is an important source of protein that can fill your nutritional needs easily. It contains chains of amino acids that help support thicker hair and glowing, firm and healthy skin.

Prevent Osteoporosis

As you age, you lose the ability to uphold strong muscles and bones effectively. According to a study, adults who do not consume enough protein are more likely to have a substantial loss of bone density, specifically in their spines and hips. A protein rich diet is the easiest solution to have healthier muscles and bones.

This research was conducted regarding protein and healthy aging and was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study concluded that those who had protein-rich diet were able to stop osteoporotic fractures and speed up the bone fracture healing process. Not only this, whey protein decreases the impacts of chronic illness.

Apart from taking protein through meat, you can consume whey protein shakes, such as Centenarius Protein as it comprises of all the essential amino acids that act as building blocks for your body. Those who are experiencing health issues linked with muscle wasting can slow down its progression by consuming whey protein.

Protein that is consumed from plants is incomplete and does not have enough protein when compared to dairy proteins that have all the nine amino acids. Whey protein is one of the dairy protein that you must have in your daily diet to achieve health advantages.

Protein Helps to Boost Cognitive Abilities

When you take an ample amount of protein in your diet, this aids in maintaining your brain functions as well as boost your mood. There are specific amino acids that are required to control your mood and balance hormones.

Those who lack the key amino acids experience increased anxiety, mood swings and weakness. As per the US Institute of Medicine, Protein manages our hormone levels effectively, including serotonin and dopamine that make you feel good and keep you calm.

In order to focus and concentrate properly, our brain needs a continuous supply of amino acids which you can obtain from whey protein.

As per the studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if you want to improve your cognitive performance then you must consume whey protein. In addition, protein is helpful in stabilizing glucose in your blood, thus it prevents craving due to increased sugar levels.

Protein is an Immune System Booster

Whey protein consists of a tri-peptide, known as Glutathione that serves as an anti-oxidant and deals with immunity. Our body has Glutathione that occurs naturally in the cells of amino acid. The function of glutathione is to strengthen telomeres in our DNA that generally weaken as we age. 

The production of glutathione decreases with age and old cells contain much lesser glutathione as compared to new cells. If you take glutathione supplements directly, it will provide you no benefit. However, as concluded by different studies the most effective way to uplift glutathione levels is through the consumption of whey protein. 

Centenarius Protein is a high quality whey protein shake that has the highest glutathione precursors, including and active peptides, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and glutamylcysteine.

Protein Fights With Chronic Illnesses

As you age physically, it becomes easier to develop life-threatening health conditions. For example, if you are obese, then there are higher chances to get diabetes. You can decrease this risk by consuming whey protein as it aids in losing weight. 

A diet that contains whey protein can manage glycemic levels and accelerates insulin releases.

Besides, whey protein also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. A study was conducted where it was proved that intake of whey protein decreases the chances to get life-threatening health issues, improves vascular functions and aids in lowering blood pressure.

With increasing age, your body is subject to the natural effects of bone and muscle weakness. However, with the intake of protein-rich meals, you can deal with these effects.