Sleep & Mood Superior Formula

At Centenarius, we know that while we sleep miracles happen. Body and mind work harmoniously so that we can live a healthier, longer more productive life. All you have to do is sleep well.

Studies have shown that sleep is strongly connected with a person’s mood and wellbeing. When you sleep well, your body can counter stress, anxiety, even depression. Restful sleep also helps enhance your body and increases longevity.

Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced, cut-throat competitive world, taking time off to rest is losing its priority day by day. The result? Most people with poor sleep hygiene suffer from impaired brain function, irritable mood, and lowered immunity.

And we want to change that, one Sleep & Mood at a time!

Sleep & Mood Superior Formula is a pioneering product made from a groundbreaking proprietary formula. It promotes deep restorative sleep without using any habit-forming ingredients.

Our science-backed formula helps you fall asleep faster and achieve a more potent deep sleep that upon waking, has you feeling completely rejuvenated. It not only calms an overactive mind that’s usually unable to relax but also helps you unwind in the healthiest way possible. 

Benefits of Centenarius Sleep&Mood

● Improves your REM sleep
● Awaken feeling fully recharged 
● Enhances nighttime recovery
● Induces a positive mood naturally 
● Helps with mental clarity  
● High bioavailability 
● Uses non-habit forming ingredients 


The highest quality supplements require the best-in-class ingredients - and Sleep & Mood Superior Formula is no different. 

Suntheanine®, The highest purity form of L-Theanine, a key component of tea that relaxes a drinker. This patented version helps improve alertness, focus, and concentration (without drowsiness) when taken during the day. When taken before bedtime, Suntheanine® promotes a more restful quality sleep.

Suntheanine® has been recognized as an effective and award winning ingredient for stress management, relaxation, and providing an improved quality of sleep. 

PharmaGABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a calming chemical produced in our brains. Our formula contains the naturally-occurring form of GABA called PharmaGABA, made exclusively in Japan, where it is the only form allowed. It helps decrease the brain’s stress-related beta waves and increases the production of its alpha waves. The result is a profound sense of physical relaxation and greater mental focus. 

Studies have shown that this natural PharmaGABA can enhance a person’s sleep, which is not seen in synthetic GABA (more commonly sold). Centenarius offers 120mg of natural, non-habit-forming PharmaGABA per serving so you sleep well and naturally counter anxiety and irritable mood spells!

CLEANMOOD™, an organic 5-HTP ingredient, is a precursor to serotonin production in the brain. As a result, it has clinically been proven to support important health factors like a healthy sleep schedule, good mood, and stress and weight management.

CLEANMOOD™  is the only branded 5-HTP sourced from certified Organic Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds. Sourced in Ghana, it is certified Glyphosate free. As a plant-based ingredient, it is also non-habit-forming. 

TRAACS™ Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate

Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical functions in our body—from regulating heartbeat rhythms to protein synthesis and energy production. It also supports neurotransmitter functions. It is also commonly deficient in most people in the US. Magnesium bisglycinate, the most bioavailable form of magnesium, is chelated using a TRAACS™ patented system to make it highly absorbable. 

Sleep & Mood Superior Formula contains the cleanest form of Magnesium bisglycinate to help you relax quicker, get better sleep, and increase your overall health quotient—concentrate better, be energetic, and feel joyful all day!

We believe that only when you’ve rested enough can you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. And Centenarius Sleep & Mood Formula is here to help you get the apex quality sleep that you deserve.

Clean Packaging 

In our quest to use zero preservatives, we went with MIRON’s German made, Violet glass using biophotonic glass packaging. Its unique properties filter out light, to help extend the longevity of our products, without harmful.